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Program Details

Five Star Cheer is a part of the Five Star Football program. The cheerleaders will learn sideline cheers, stunting, cheer skills, half time programs and competition routines. There are many benefits to participating in Five Star Cheer, including:

  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Enhanced Coordination 
  • Working With and as a Team
  • Responsibility - Keeping up with uniform items and keeping them in pristine shape
  • Building Positive Self-Esteem
  • Learning How to Manage Time and Responsibilities

These attributes will remain with cheerleaders throughout school and into adulthood. Since our program is not linked to just one feeder program, our cheerleaders will be able to take their skills to any high school. The fee to participate is $150 which includes the following uniform items (bows, shell, skirt, crop top, briefs, cheer equipment bag, and pom-poms). The cheer equipment bag is yours to keep. However all other items are to be returned at the end of the season.

In addition to learning cheers and cheering at games we will also participate in fundraisers as well as competitions. Fundraising and competitions are a requirement for each participant as they benefit our franchise as a result. We also participate in cheer camps, parades, championship games, and of course have an end of year party. Our seasons are always full of fun at Five Star!

Johntel Taylor

Cheer Coach

Phone: 206-538-1212

Cheer Teams